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Production processes dyehouse


For heating their
process water
Smit Dye and
Bleach Works
uses solar panels
of www.aqua-energy.nl




Production processes

We master a wide range of techniques thanks to years of experience.  Some of the possibilities are:


Pigment dyeing
Pigment dying

Wool, silk and polyamide dyeing
bags 1 bags 2 bags 3

bags 4 bags finished
Wool, silk and polyadmide is dyed in special machines that move the clothes in a stationary drum. This process prevents the wool from matting. Being dyed at a temperature of 90 degrees (Celsius), the clothes have good washability and colourfastness.

Enzyme washing and silicones
Enzyme washing and silicones

When the right result has not been achieved with, for instance, an enzyme, productions can be stonewashed.

Bleaching of black denim
Black Denim Bleached


Bio washing or anti-pilling
Our machines are most suitable for enzymes treatment.

Shrink test washing
Shrink test washing


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