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Smit Dye and Bleach Works constantly looking for the most fashionable and vivid colour effects!



Smit Dye and Bleach Works specializes in textile processing for the national and international fashion industry. The textiles dyehouse is the largest of its kind in the Netherlands.  Its production processes include: dyeing, bleaching, stonewashing, reconditioning of clothing and complete textiles cleaning.

Around 80 percent of Smit Dye and Bleach Works’ orders consists of dyeing large and small collections of trendy outerwear. Dyeing of lots or productions is – almost without exception – carried out immediately.  The dyehouse is capable of undertaking high-quality assignments in a short time thanks to:

  • a large production capacity;
  • its own laboratory;
  • high-quality dyestuffs;
  • absence of colour differences in large lots;
  • very low fall-out rate.

Smit Dye and Bleach Works reconditions “unsaleable” collections.  This technique brings clothes, after treatment in the dyehouse, back to the shops totally freshened up and in new fashion colours.

The national and international fashion industry trusts Smit Dye and Bleach Works because it takes good care of clothing.

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