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The dyehouse has a large number of production machines for the dyeing of large and small lots. The strength of the dyehouse lies in its fast delivery. 

Dyeing of lots or productions is – almost without exception – carried out immediately. Thanks to a high capacity, the dyehouse is capable of undertaking high-quality assignments in very quick time.

Dyeing without colour difference
The dyeing process is almost totally automatic because of a dosage system and therefore the risk of colour differences in large lots is minimal.

Separate machines are used for (optical) white and black dyeing but even for pastel and dark dyestuffs, machines are not easily interchanged.

On top of this, we have separate machines for wool dyeing to prevent the wool from matting or pilling. 

Smit’s years of experiences means it is able to turn out a fine product.

Production dyehouse

Risk of colour differences is minimal

Dyed linen

Productie ververij

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